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Hello. My name is Ahmed, and this is my game portfolio.

I've been playing games since Joust on the Atari 5200. Now I'm making them, and life is good. Feel free to review my resume for the things I've done.

I've built levels in Unreal Editor, Source SDK, Neverwinter Nights, HeroEngine, BigWorld, Torque X 2-D, Radiant, and The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. You can see a few of my favorite projects on this here website. Here are some full Games and some individual Levels.

My last two entertainment industry projects were Star Wars: The Old Republic and Kingdoms of Amalur. These projects have taken me into learning about client-server interactions in MMOs, multiplayer game design philosophies, teaching through gameplay, and how to make persistent world multiplayer games more impactful.

I'm constantly striving to learn new things. I think it's important to never stop learning. Formally, I've got a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership from Illinois State University, and a Master's of Interactive Technology at the SMU Guildhall. I was also the first graduate from the Guildhall to publish their master's thesis on game design, where I designed a methodology to study emotional responses caused by video games. I've spoken a few times at MIT on game design and development, ran an after school program at a high school to teach kids about design patterns in games, and acted as Lead Instructor for a Harvard game design camp.

My current projects involve programming applications and video games for interactive exhibits, and supporting that software over its lifetime.

Thanks for visiting, have a look around, and feel free to contact me.